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What's Up With Your Money? "Wednesday" Check-In

5 Things To Know About Your Money BEFORE You Apply For The New PPP Or Any Other Loan

Maybe you're like many small business owners who are once again feeling the anxiety and nerves associated with sitting before a banker and asking questions about your money. As one client described it while trying to get the last round of PPP: "I feel like I'm totally at their ‘mercy’ and...


The #1 Thing Keeping You From "Next Level" With Your Money

This week I talked to three potential clients with money issues and just confusion in general about their money: 1. One had really messed up taxes resulting in multiple years of large self-employment tax bills. 2. One really needed to get access to the current round of PPP, but had no tax...


What’s Going “Gone” With Your Money? Here’s one key reason it may not be there for you.

It’s hard to enough to save money, stay out of debt or pay it down, plus do the bigger things like investing when you simply don’t have enough money to go around. Statistics show that just a couple hundred extra dollars a month could save people from bad marks on their credit, losing cars, even...


3 Steps to Handling Money Matters In Just Minutes

So why all the talk about mail and a course on paperwork? Because I've had more clients than a few, PAY me to help them with it, before we can even get to the money conversation. It's also derailed many a financial plan with missed FINAL NOTICES, bank overdrafts, late and delinquent fees. So...


1 Sure "Cure" For Holiday Overspending

You'd expect a money advisor to tell you "not to spend" too much for the holidays, but would it matter much considering we're: a) creatures of habit, PLUS b) when it comes to plastic, it's EASY to get a bit carried away. So year after year, we repeat this cycle, but THIS year is going to be...