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If you prefer to learn with others or in-person, this page is for you.


Group trainings are interactive webinars or  in-person events that allow you to learn and make steady progress with money matters in a group environment with support and accountability built in.


Live Group Trainings

Who said MONEY MATTERS had to be HARD???

They don’t!  With some new strategies and support, you’ll get more done than you thought possible because these money get-togethers are more than just socials. They will help you learn a new strategy, get some real tasks off your plate and best of all, do it with others for some real ACCOUNTABILITY and FUN. ✨🎉
Just grab your coffee for our morning mixers, or a cocktail in the evening, and show up ready to GET IT DONE.

Upcoming Topics:

March/April – Setting Up a Mobile Quickbooks Accounting System

April – Creating a Spending Allowance – (Budget Spreadsheet Alternative)

May – Mail Mastery/Debt Snowball & Payoff Plan 

June – Creating a Entrepreneur

July – TBA

Aug – TBA

Join A "Cash Flow" Mixer

Thank you, Ms. Mildred @yourmoneydr for this informative virtual event. You gave us peace of mind while setting up our business accounts to track our finances. Financial health is vital to every business. If you haven't signed up for her Coffee & Cash Flow Mixer, you should because financial knowledge is important not just in business but in every aspect.
Connie L Owner, Yellow Rose Paint Party, Denton, TX

One-on-One (Retainers)

For private, individuals sessions with customized action plans, you’ll want to start with retainers.  Retainers offer discounted  hourly rates on both done-for-you and done-with-you services.They are PAY AS YOU GO, so there are no contracts, monthly bills or long term commitments to get started!

Getting reports isn’t rocket science because tech now does most of the work.  But SOMETIMES you need to work with a professional to help you maximize the tools, and help you understand what your numbers are saying. If you have reports already and are ready for customized solutions, or a CPA, send me a message on any of the social media platforms using handle @YourMoneyDr

Our clients love our approach.

kind words by clients
I am so glad to be working with you. I didn't have a clue about some of the functions I could use in Quickbooks before I started working with you and my husband's a CPA! You explain things in ways that I can understand and remember.
Mindy W
Thank you Money Dr. this course was a definite eye opener. I purchased QuickBooks Online opened it and had no idea what to do next. I have definitely learned how to create accounts and learned something I did not know....I can track personal and business transactions...oh joy joy... You are definitely a great teacher.
Charlotte H
Thanks for all your tech preparations prior to this outbreak. It kept my business together. I'm truly grateful.
Courtney B