Want to give your child a "higher" education?

Send them to your living room and teach them about money!

The Money Doctor® and Kids

People are surprised when I admit to years of wasting thousands making minimum credit card payments and watching my credit scores topple from the 700s to the 500s during the 2008 recession. I mean who does that, right?

Someone who (eventually learned) how to leverage cash to rebuild.

I went on to SAVE $20,000 in just 18 months, rebuild my business and my credit.


You're looking at my teachers, these little kids always making "money" moves.

  • Mai (my) Money makes money 6 different ways , so she is never broke.
  • Sammy Saver always keeps his goal sheet with him, which keeps him focused and saving money (he's at the top of the page)
  • Charlie Checkbook totals expenses for things that most CPAs could care less about (like hair and nails ladies??) - important, because that's where you'll find the real savings!


  • Ima Investor starts a business with one dollar and turns it into $100 by selling at the ballpark.
  • Carla Credit uses credit all the time, but she has money in her bank at home!

What an interesting way to have your prayers answered - "write these books," but I did, and as I made money, I modeled their behavior and it changed my financial future forever.

Teach at Home

Since technology is a part of kid's daily lives, they will find it easy to navigate and learn about money at the same time!

Teach at Storytime

You'd be surprised at what kids have to say about money! Group readings are a great way to excite and engage young minds!

Teach in Class

We have an entire curriculum that can be used in the classroom, with handouts and exercises included just plug-and-teach!

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