The Biggest Thing I've Learned...


When I discovered years ago that I'm an independent, auditory learner who retains more and absorbs faster on my own schedule, and only when I'm ready to shift my focus to tackling the new skill, I stopped...

  • paying for any sort of training that wasn't recorded so I could go back and listen to it at 2am or on the weekends,
  • buying books to read, and instead focused on the audio books or video tutorials,
  • going to "live" in-person trainings in the middle of the day - unless it was for networking of course!

At the same time, I like being able to ask my question to a "live" person when I get stuck, even pay for one-on-one help when I need it, asking all my questions at once and typically scheduled and at a specific time. Complicated huh? lol

Seriously though. Want to really drive me up a wall? Tell me I have to scroll through endless knowledge base forums for answers!!! Arrrrgh!
Ok, I got a little worked up at the end of the first section, because it matters.

What's your learning style?

If you're like me... I had us in mind when I came up with the money "membership."

It's a way to still learn on your own but with some structure, but gives you that priority support that people like us want to make sure we don't waste time staying stuck on something.

Of course, we're about "$mart" money here, and just like with insurance, the power of the "group" rate keeps it affordable and sensible, because let's face it, we're pretty low maintenance :)

All Plans Include...

  • monthly money trainings, which are recorded for later playback,
  • exercises to do at home
  • ongoing support, and
  • "Live" Q&A with the experts so you can ask and get your questions answered, without having to shell out more money to keep going.