Who Doesn't Right???

It's all about leverage and using other people's money to grow, but..
what if you're just starting out or due to past mistakes. can't get a loan right now?

Often times it's not about having the perfect past, but having strong financial records that tell the story of what you're doing NOW.

Just Imagine...

- having monthly reports you can access from your phone?

- impressing the lenders with "quick turn around" time because in just a few clicks you've got the CPA in the background...

- getting that check, the "yes" for capital to grow your business!

Imagine doing this in 3 months or less?

It's possible, because I have a PROVEN system and you'll get the shortcuts!

Do any of these describe you?

It's not just an idea. I am now spending money in my business.

I need help with tax and other filing requirements.

I need to find new places to cut costs.

I need help getting reports or setting up an accounting system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why a Course instead of an Appointment?

Many people we work with need to learn the basics. Business owners, especially, need flexible timeframes and often after business hours.

Courses "start from the beginning," so you can learn "at your pace" - meaning pause and come back later if you need to. Plus, most courses offer a free money milestone session at the end along with options for ongoing monthly support.

Am I able to schedule appointments?

Upon payment for your course, you'll receive further instructions via the modules and/or email on how to speak with a specialist or instructor, or schedule an appointment.

Can I schedule an appointment without purchasing a course?

These courses were created with the office appointment in mind!

Instead of paying for hours of "blind" advice, our self-paced learning content helps you work through processes previously used during office consultations.

And because the worksheets and guides help you do the pre-work in advance of an appointment, clients have actually found more value and lasting benefits starting with courses and for less investment on the front end.

Can I get a refund if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

Yes! Most courses offer a 3-day "free look" period and during that time, are eligible for a refund.

If your course does not offer a free-look option, reach out to us and we'll send you a coupon code for access.