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Getting the numbers isn’t rocket science! Tech does most of the work.  But SOMETIMES you need to work with a professional to ease those doubts. 

Whether you’re using a free resource, taking a course or working one-on-one, all the help and support you need is just a few keystrokes away!

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kind words by clients


I am so glad to be working with you. I didn't have a clue about some of the functions I could use in Quickbooks before I started working with you and my husband's a CPA! You explain things in ways that I can understand and remember.
Mindy W
Thank you Money Dr. this course was a definite eye opener. I purchased QuickBooks Online opened it and had no idea what to do next. I have definitely learned how to create accounts and learned something I did not know....I can track personal and business transactions...oh joy joy... You are definitely a great teacher.
Charlotte H
Thanks for all your tech preparations prior to this outbreak. It kept my business together. I'm truly grateful.
Courtney B