"CPR" for Your Biz

Build up your business bank account in the next 90 days

by breathing new energy into how you work - WITHOUT breaking the budget, giving up more free time, or pricey outsourcing!

Unlock the Secret to Making More Money and Working Less Hours

- even if you’re a solopreneur with no staff.

work less hours or create a 3-day work week😎 ...without feeling something is slipping through the cracks

Increase your income potential & Monetize Your Networking 💰
Without Having To Run all Over Town or Cold Call

speed up cash flow and get paid faster without having to chase clients down or constantly Make collection calls

...basically start enjoying your business by creating more flexibility, time freedom, as well as financial freedom in your life…

Here's how

I'm going to GIVE you…

A way to breathe new vitality and revive your business cash flow cycle and reach your income potential - WITHOUT breaking the budget, hiring more people or pricey outsourcing...

In fact - the word "budget" itself triggers stress in me - so let's replace it with something more FUN...
I know this sounds crazy but you're about to understand a whole NEW way to build a "healthy business" that’s a money-making machine easier and faster than you have ever seen!

❌ It’s NOT about running all over town to networkings 

… spending more money than you bring in

It’s NOT about needing the “big fish” sales that take forever to close (in fact, I took my business to 6+ figures with startups and entrepreneurs and small businesses with less than 5 employees )

❌ It’s also NOT about burning out from stressful and overwhelming hours never having free time or taking a break.

“CPR” - A New Approach to Calendars (Time) & Prospects - (People) You Meet to Create Consistent Revenue!

Hi, I'm Mildred!

The last time I had just one client was 2012 . I was an independent contractor receiving a 1099, but let’s be honest. It was basically a job because I had to show up and had little to freedom. My baby, The Money Doctor® and lab coat were in the back seat of the car all day while I worked in other people's offices.

I’d been trying for 6 whole years to make it go full time. With $20K saved up, I tried one last time, walked away from that client and took the leap.

3 months later was still living off my savings. Nothing was working. I was starting to panic.
I kept my plans to take a one week vacation out of the country, came back and just stayed in bed for a week. The discouragement was paralyzing.

That summer almost broke me.


Thankfully, I had a date with destiny right around the corner, when I learned new skills from a part-time tech job - a new way to structure my time and follow-up activities to close prospects at lightning speed.

I backtracked to all the leads I’d just been sitting on, not kt knowing how to convert them and grew my handful of clients to over 50 in under 6 months.

That 50 grew to over 250 in under two years and a staff of four in two states.

I didn’t have the name back then, but I now call the process I used the "CPR” Formula…

"What is this formula?!"

I hear you ask... well, it looked something like this:


Calendars & time management

- having a clear plan for work hours made it easy to see what was most important to focus on during the workday.

Pipelines for prospects

- having a plan for each person I met and coming up with a way to keep track, helped me reach out when they were ready.

Revenue & cost reporting

- as a CPA, this part was easy, but doing more on my phone cut office time and kept my to-do lists focused on making money.


I prioritized and focused my working hours on who and what made me money first, and automated the collection process
which built up my account. Then I used financial reports to improve, rinse and repeat even better.

In other words - What if...



This course was created by a CPA who's been in your shoes. And here's the kicker – you'll have ongoing access to that expertise as your business grows.
We're not just throwing information at you and leaving you to fend for yourself. You'll have the support you need, when you need it.

Good news 🎉

I've taken ALL the lessons I learned from “side-hustling” it for years to creating a business - and a lifestyle - full of FREEDOM, travel, and independence beyond my wildest dreams.

I've experienced firsthand how ONE system can be LIFE CHANGING...

..and how it didn't just work for me, but also for my clients

These success stories are just a glimpse of what's possible with CPR....and I'm FINALLY ready to share it with YOU!


CPR: From Calendars to Prospects to Revenue!

Build up your business bank account and breathe new energy into your business - WITHOUT giving up more free time, hiring more people or pricey outsourcing!

CPR is a powerful 3-month group coaching program to help you create income-producing schedules and work flows to keep track of your prospects and just as importantly, keep track of your money!

It's a clear, proven, and easy blueprint

giving you all the tools, guidance, and
support you need to:

👩‍💻 create a schedule that helps you prioritize 

what’s important and actually create free time. 

🧲  identify prospects who are ready to give you money 

🥂 convert them to paying customers with ease and confidence – no cold calling!

with the potential to scale to 6- and even 7 figures – while working just a few hours per day…

…and finally achieving TOTAL freedom:

💰 freedom as well as ⏰ freedom.


(🤫 it's unlike ANY other program out there because it combines the financial know-how with the sales strategies most of us never learned )

Month 1

Unlocking Time Freedom

- Free up precious hours in your day to focus on growth

Scheduling For Success

- Optimizing your daily and weekly routines

There’s NOTHING more overwhelming than being an entrepreneur with a million things to do and a blank calendar on Monday morning! 😩


  • Get super clear perspective on what’s income-producing and what’s not, so you can maximize hours in your work day and work fewer days
  • Find out where you can make time in your schedule for marketing & sales, so the money starts flowing in
  • Remove all the tech stress and overwhelm: tools, templates, and step-by-step video trainings to walk you through every step of the tech setup & creation process…

Month 2

Monetizing Networking

- Building a revenue-generating pipeline

Smart Prospecting

- Follow-up strategies that supercharge sales

You know the prospect opportunities are endless, but does venturing out feel more like taking a trip with no roadmap? 🧭
  • Learn how to turn cold calling into friendly follow-ups that lead to referrals and sales (without feeling like a stalker ) 💰
  • Create your “Grow + Nurture” Pipeline to start bringing in consistent revenue vs “feast or famine” wondering what to do to get the next sale.
  • Follow my foolproof daily action plan so you always know who to contact and when.

Month 3

Accelerating Cash Flow

- Embracing simple systems to boost your bottom line

Maximizing Profits

- Understanding your numbers like never before

Selling like a champ, the numbers look great, but ever get the feeling the profit puzzle is missing a few pieces? 🧩 💰



  •  Use my 3 step reporting setup so at the end of the month, you’ll know exactly where your money is in easy-to-read reports.
  • “Set and forget:” no more keypunching! You set up a system that tracks the numbers and automates cash collection 24/7 each and every day. 
  • The Anxiety Stopper: No more guessing games. You’ll know exactly what you’re bringing in and what’s going out. 💡 

And... there's even more!


6 x Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Calls with Mildred Dillon - a 20-year CPA ($5,997 Value)

  • Been craving support? Look no further! Join our bi-weekly group coaching calls and let’s work through what YOU need to move forward in your biz (yep, even if it’s tax-related 🤯)!
  • From system setup support to high-level strategy, these calls are there to get you moving forward! You won’t believe the amount of support and accountability you’ll receive during this program.
  • Private Community for additional support in between calls


Every Single App, Template & Tool We Use To Schedule, Prospect & Report With EASE ($3,997 Value)

  • To help you save hundreds of hours (and a few headaches), you’re going to receive EVERY single template you need to make this process EASY: lists of FREE apps, guided walkthroughs, Q&A 
  • Worried about tech? No reason! You can connect us to your system so we handle the “techy stuff.”
  • You’re basically getting 27+ years’ worth of work, trial and error, and thousands of $$$ in coaching… that have helped me generate a profitable business and lifestyle of freedom.


Network With Confidence Course ($397 Value)

  • Burnt out with social media? Tired of dancing in front of the tripod or paying for online ads that don’t convert? Learn proven ways to market your business in real life – to make money faster.
  • Studies show, social media marketing leads to sales at rates of 1-5%, while meeting someone directly increases your chances of them becoming to over 40% 🤯  Learn to master meeting face-to-face (even if you’re an introvert).
  • Turn every event you go to into a “Pot of Gold.”  Learn where to go and what to do before, during and after any kind of event – PLUS what to say!


Accounting System (and/or) Taxes Review Session
(First 10 enrollees) ($297 Value)

  • Need some one-on-one advice on the direction your business is going?
  • Need to isolate and fix what’s broken financially? 
  • Been looking for that “expert” to grow with you and your business? 

Look no further. From system setup support to high-level strategy, this session is designed to give you the personalized road map for moving forward.

Just to Recap...

Month 1: Unlocking Time Freedom / Scheduling for Success

– Month 2: Monetizing Networking / Building a Revenue-Generating Pipeline

– Month 3: Accelerating Cash Flow / Maximizing Profits 

  • Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Calls + Private FB Community ($5,997 Value)
  • Every Single App, Email Template & Tool You’ll Need To Streamline Your Work With EASE ($3,997 Value)
  • Network with Confidence Course ($397 Value)
  • Accounting System Review and/or Tax Planning Session (First 10 enrollees)  ($597 Value)

Our CPR course will help you free up precious time, giving you the breathing room you need to focus on what truly matters.



✅  You have a business already with proven sales, and you are FINALLY ready to take it to the next level.

✅  You’ve been “side-hustling” it and you’re ready to go full time and bring in that extra cash. 

✅  You’re excited to shift your daily activities to create a business that’s truly SCALABLE – and will free up sooo much of your time (so you can travel more, spend more time with your family, or create a 3-day work week 😉)

✅  You’re are excited to learn about automation and the tools and tech to make it happen

✅  You crave support, coaching, and a community of like-minded business owners who will cheer you on and encourage you to dream even bigger.


You’re totally new to the online world and don’t want to learn that way. No judgment!  It’s not for everyone.)

You’re completely overwhelmed by technology and don’t have the willingness to learn

You’d rather try and piece together free information you find online and spend all day watching free webinars instead of investing in your business and fasttracking your growth

You’re not willing to try different things or leave your comfort zone in order to get different results

But if you’re tired of taking stabs in the dark on how to best grow your business, and want to fast track your progress by using a proven system to generate life-changing results, then CPR IS for you…

analysis, computer, business-2811691.jpg

You're only one step away from building your dream machine a profitable business... Claim your spot now!


CPR Trainings ($1,997 Value)

– Month 1: Unlocking Time Freedom / Scheduling for Success

– Month 2: Monetizing Networking / Building a Revenue-Generating Pipeline

– Month 3: FREE Accounting System to Accelerate Cash Flow & Maximize Profits


Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Calls + Private Community ($5,997 Value)

Every Email Script & Tool You’ll Need To Streamline & Make Work EASY ($3,997 Value)

– Network Like a Pro Course ($397 Value)

– Current Accounting System Review or Tax Planning Session (First 10 Enrollees) ($597 Value)

Total Value: USD $12,985

Retail Price: USD $ $1997

Your Investment TODAY

***Early Bird ***
Black Friday Pricing $$$

🎉 USD $597 🎉

(Payment Plan Available)
Increases to $997 after 12/4 👇🏼

Still have questions?


Absolutely! CPR is designed for entrepreneurs at all levels, from beginners to seasoned business owners who want to streamline and work smarter.

For Premium and Flexible plans you’ll have lifetime access, including any future updates or additions to the course.

We offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Please use this time period to go through the content and implement the work.  If you don’t see any results after completing the exercises and implementing the work, you’ll receive a full refund, no questions asked. We’ll just ask you to submit your workbook and other supporting materials showing that you’ve done the work.

Join CPR Today!

Total Value: USD $12,985

Retail Price: USD $ $1997

Your Investment TODAY

🎉 USD $597 🎉

***Early Bird ***
Black Friday Pricing $$$

(Payment Plan Available)
Increases to $997 after 12/4 👇🏼

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