Welcome to Your "New" Way of Making Money Notes

Lesson 1: My Money Management System

When it comes to money management there are money matters we need to handle

  • weekly
  • monthly
  • throughout the month
  • at month-end
  • all year long (for taxes, insurance, paying off debt)

The good news is, most if not all, of these matters start in the mail.

That's why we make the prerequisite to this course, "Mail Mastery" FREE, so if you haven't seen it, it's included in this product, so there is where we REALLY start from the beginning.

Assuming you've watched it, (AND had your very own mail session,) the following lessons will walk you through what worksheet to use and when.

With each lesson, I'll be providing you the downloadable pdf that you can use to begin building your own 3-RING binder money management system at home.

You can use these worksheets until the Pocket Planner shown in Mail Mastery arrives in the mail.

It contains 12-months of undated worksheets so you can start at any time, and also take your money management "on the go."

If you work through the worksheets for 30-days, we're giving you a FREE 30-minute Strategy Session as a BONUS, so can review numbers and totals together to set some milestones.