Here's How Your Mail Can Make You Money

No, you're in the right course.

We're backtracking a bit to spend just one more quick minute on the mail. That is, after all, where the bulk of the paperwork comes from.

We know we need to stay on top of it, and we know important "stuff" is in there, but then it gets out of hand and we feel like we're drowning in the paper.

The whole purpose of going through our mail in an organized way is so we can FIND money matters that can build up savings.

Plus it makes us FEEL BETTER, reducing stress and allowing us to better focus on our business or just life, knowing mail isn't just piling up "somewhere."

Getting into a mail "rhythm" is important to your money health. - and your success with this course. That's why revisit a few of the sections from Mail Mastery here.

If you've already gone through it, and already have your stack in hand, just keep moving on to the next section and watch what happens AFTER I open the mail.

Section 4 is the live demo where I guide you through the pages in preparation for our strategy session.