Adult MP3 Audio Lesson & Worksheets - Maximizing Take Home Pay (PREVIEW VERSION)

The 5 Steps Of Money Management workbook

This is the adult companion guide to the children’s book series developed when we took the program into a high school and needed materials more "age appropriate."

Funny thing was, we STILL used the kids lesson fundamentals as the basis for the curriculum, which made it FUN and for the grant deliverable, a huge success.

That's why we wait until LESSON 6 to take you through it, but, like the other lessons previews, we wanted to give you a SHORT of how the lessons flow.

This is the Short Version...Kind of

The actual lesson is 27 minutes, so I know what you're thinking: 13 MINUTES is short????

Well, that's what I was thinking!!! But honestly? It was originally just "INTEREST" income at 3 minutes.

But then I thought, "how can you skip "BUSINESS" income Ms. Business Owner???" So that brought it to 6 minutes.

And then, because I'm SOOOOO passionate about you TAKING ACTION, I decided to leave the worksheet section in where I'm describing HOW TO USE THEM so you can actually take some action.

So that's how I ended up with 13 minutes. And because I really want you to get value for your time "investment," I'm giving you the entire Lesson 1 worksheets bundle, which includes answers at the end, so even though you won't hear the audio for them all, you'll be able to literally fill in the blanks on your own.

"Show" Notes

Being the PODCASTER I've become, I believe in the show notes in case you're in a rush or want to skip around or want to come back later for just the worksheets.

Here are the timestamps and if you want to check out a few episodes visit the BLOG page.






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Thanks again for checking us out and hope to see you in the course!

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