Get A Checkup

The Money Rx works best when it’s customized to fit where you are now.

The “checkup” helps us start from the beginning if you need it, so we can get the basics behind us and get to the fun parts of investing, paying off debts or starting that business you’ve dreamed of.

If you’re a Business owner, you have TWO sets of finances to manage…

Automation helps you work smarter, so you save time and get more done.

  • Need an accounting system set up to create financial reports for your banker?
  • Do your reports have inaccuracies, and slow you down when it’s time to file taxes?
  • Are you showing profit on paper, but you’re “feeling at a loss” in the bank account?

No worries! We have a “special checkup” just for you, and our systems can help you keep track of business and personal finances from a pc or your mobile device.

Need Help With Something Else?

You may be ready for a “Specialist”