So here's an encore from guest host Charlotte Harris - you may remember, Ms. Phenomenal Woman herself from Podcast 16?
Well, she's still at it, being phenomenal and being on top of her finances at the same time. Pretty awesome huh?
Of course we always have a great time sharing, but looks like we have just as great a STRATEGY to help anyone who wants to take action on those New Year's Resolutions to get our money on track this year. Wow that seems like years ago!

1:00 Charlotte Introduction - Pt 2
2:00 Here's Why We All Need Charlottes!
4:30 We Also Need A Handle On Our Money!
5:27 New Course *Testimonial*
7:00 Let Tech Do The Heavy Lifting!
8:22 When The Teacher Is Ready (me), the Student Appears!
10:37 All Income Is NOT Equal (When It Comes To Tax Deductions)
13:50 Larger Refunds Come From Deductions - So Keep Your Day Job!
14:30 The Power of the Detailed Plan
16:00 Charlotte's 90-day System
17:00 What's the Extra You Have Each Month For Retirement? Here's How We Help
18:30 Reports and Tech Show The Way
19:39 Get a FREE PREVIEW at
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