Hopefully you're enjoying summer and spending "quality time" with family.

Can we suggest an activity?

Let's go over the household finances - all together, ALL AT ONCE, and as a T-E-A-M.

Reggie Parker, parent "extraordinaire," is giving you the "cheat sheet" for including the kids in what's going on financially, for getting everyone talking, and young minds THINKING before they spend. Wow!

And those cash payments from the Biden Administration's Advanced Child Tax Credit program just took away all our excuses!

So let's take some of that "CREDIT" and give kids a bit more "CREDIT" in the process and change their financial futures, like Reggie did with his son. I can't wait for you to hear this!

1:00 Introduction, Who We Are

2:00 Reggie's take on the Advance Child Tax Credit Payments, The Benefits of Allowance, And Starting To Use It At Home

4:00 Introducing Business Ownership vs the Job

6:00 Here's How "The Rich Get Richer" - They Include The Kids!

8:00 Looking for Tools to Start Your Money School at Home? We Got You! www.TheMoneyDoctorJr.com

9:00 Home Study Course for Study AT HOME

11:00 Here's How That Family That PAYS Together SAVES TOGETHER

13:00 Show wrap-up - We'll Conclude The Family Finance Discussion Next Month With REAL-LIFE Testimonials

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