You'd expect a money advisor to tell you "not to spend" too much for the holidays, but would it matter much considering we're:

a) creatures of habit, PLUS

b) when it comes to plastic, it's EASY to get a bit carried away.

So year after year, we repeat this cycle, but THIS year is going to be different!

Get a "preview" of what's to come from me in the way of content for 2021 - oh - and while you're at it, get a jumpstart on next years money goals!

:10 The Money Doctor® Welcome

:25 Meet Your "Financial" Physician

1:10 Financial "Diet & Exercise"

2:30 Effects of Holiday Spending

3:35 Get Ahead of the Debt

4:30 How the Debt Log works

5:30 Why You'll Want to Write This

6:11 Get Your Weekly Check-in

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